Team Building Travel

Do you wish to instigate your sales forces, to launch an event or a product, to create new bonds within your company?

The Team Building travel remains for sure the best way of achieving these goals. Wherever you want, as you want, we conceive with you an Incentive Operation appropriate to your waiting: Challenge and competition (Ex: Raid with deluxe 4×4 within sport activities in The desert & bivouac in a oasis …)

Adventure and “idleness” (Ex: horses Show on the beach or a Meeting under a Berber nomadic tent in the desert…) Work and “relaxation” (Ex: Diner in a palace classified as a universal historic building …) Site personalization and privatization Ceremonies of products launching. Because the treasure of your company is your employees!


Motivation Travel
Achieved objectives, positive collaboration, consumer loyalty development, the reasons are numerous to reward your partners. Astonish them by offering a special Incentive or seminar:
Prestige and luxury.
Singular, a typical …you can with all budgets! Because nowadays the leitmotiv is neither individual nor sensational, but usual. The current tendency is resolutely via the team building incentives
Morocco View of Sky On board of plane or in Helicopter
You can discover Morocco and wealth of its landscapes.

Morocco is a marvellous country. The Hot-air balloon is medium ideal to bare secrets and warmth of his inhabitants.

Team Sport
Hand ball, tiny football, beach-volleyball, Basketball
Table Tennis
Together with French bowls, the team splits into two ans competes against half of another team on several courts and then starts again with the bowls. In table tennis the first to reach 21 oints is the winner
French Bowls
The aim is to throw that ball as close as possible to the ‘cochonnel’. The first to reach 13 wins
After an initial training session, each team has to aim to get bulls eyes on targets set at different distances from the archers. We have bows for both right-handed and left-handed participants

Gymkhana By 4×4
A fun activity on a marked track. The blindfolded drivers a 4WD with aid of his team-mates

Berber Tent
The aim is to pitch and take down the tent in record time, with a ready-erected tent of the same kind providing clues

Water carriers’ Race
The sportiest member of the team dresses as a water carrier and has to collect as such water as possible in a pail and put it into a measuring jug – not so easy when you have a leaking bucket, a light costume and giant babouches on your feet!

The participants must make a circuit in relais by mountain bike in a record time

Quad Bikes
Participants drive their quad bikes round a closed circuit while trying to collect as much water as possible in a goblet

Treasure Hunt
Our team dresses up in Touareg costumes and gives out the first clue in a treasure hunt, lead by a camel-driver, all around the palm groove and the village

Donkey Polo
Two teams equipped with brooms and a ball meet on the sandy pitch – non – stop fun !
Sack Race
The participants step into sacks that reach to their waists and then jump along the sandy track
Climbing Wall
Each team gets into pairs and takes it in turns to scale the climbing wall, complete with safety harness and the help of his / her partner on the ground. Timed ascent
Tower of Babel
Fill a donkey cart with bales of straw, take the starw to your position and build a tower with it

Head and Legs
The ‘legs’ belong to the best runner in the team who keeps going for as long as possible, while the ‘head’- the rest of the team – has to answer as quickly as possible

Entertainment, dinner and night in the pure Berber tradition: bivouac under the stars among the biggest Moroccan dunes. You will discover a real Berber bivouac! Under tents decorated with carpets and pillows you will appreciate typical Moroccan dishes: Tajine, kebabs, couscous, mechoui. You will taste the magic charm of desert starry nights and will be overwhelmed By the spectacular sunrise over the highest dune.

Head and Legs
The ‘legs’ belong to the best runner in the team who keeps going for as long as possible, while the ‘head’- the rest of the team – has to answer as quickly as possible